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Frequently Asked

We deliver superior IT support and management services with care, speed, and affordability.

How Can We Help You?

  • Do you offer home support?
    Yes! 20% of our operations are private households. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees to transition to remote work and rely heavily on technology for their productivity. But technical difficulties while working remotely – in addition to adjusting to remote working has impacted employees in many different ways. We deliver superior support and management services with care, speed, and affordability.
  • What will it cost me?
    Flat-rate support means you can budget with confidence with no surprises. And since we own and standardise the IT environment, your implementation costs are significantly reduced. Connect with us via email or phone for a free IT assessment and quotation.
  • Do you operate outside of South Africa?
    Yes! We enable a functional business from a core capability perspective by serving the African market with clients in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, and Eswatini (Swaziland).
  • Do you offer support for small businesses?
    Yes! 80% of our operations are small businesses. We use a secure remote monitoring and management tool that lets us comprehensively and proactively support your IT environment and make sure your business runs seamlessly. We take a proactive approach to managing your network. First, we review your computing environment and cross-reference it against ideal configurations, then we adjust and align your environment to industry standards without interrupting your systems or business.

We are your solution when handling your business's IT needs in-house is no longer realistic.

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